Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Whale of a Tale!!

WHOA!!! I am twenty-freakin-eight!! Where did that come from?! So, I had a great birthday. Matt and I went to look at whales and dolphins in the ocean! It was so great! Andrea came to visit and it was just what the doctor ordered.. (not my mom's doctor, because they would have ordered someone else and they wouldn't have showed up.. etc.etc..thanks for nothing princess...) We had so much fun! We rode bikes by the beach in Santa Monica, bikes with baskets!!! We had a hard time at first, but we remembered that to break, you push backwards. I felt like I was meeting Mitzi half way to my house! We went to cheesecake factory for dinner, yum! The next day we went to San Diego and played on the beach at Coronado. The next day was Sea World!! We had so much fun! We laughed so hard at the night sea lion show that I literally gave myself a migraine. It was so so much fun. Billie Jean got new shoes!!! Thanks Dad and Jan! and thanks Matt for letting Andrea and I "cackle" late into the night at your apartment. Now back to life, which is mostly lame. I am still working at the Pasadena Playhouse and looking for another job, acting jobs, and a clue. I love you all and miss you and thanks for the best birthday!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

California....Here I come.....

So, I am now getting settled in North Hollywood.... weird right? well, take my word for it, it is. I drove to San Diego April 10th and stayed with Dad and Jan in San Diego and then on Saturday, Dad and I went to Ikea (surprisingly  fast and fun minus the two ornery people) and drove to LA to put my new bed and dresser together in my new apartment. It was like putting together a boat, but we got it done and headed back to San Diego. Sunday, Easter, we decorated eggs, had a great dinner, and then I made the drive back to LA. Not too lonely, thanks to Matt and Amanda for talking to me for three hours. I have now been here for two days and am trying to get used to sharing a room (gross) although my roommates are nice and the apartment is nice, it is still kind of foreign. I am now looking for a job and an agent and I try to venture out once a day. It is so different from New York... It is one thing to be lost while walking, and quite another to be lost on a freeway, in traffic, with crazy, aggressive drivers everywhere, but I will find my way! I am scared but strong!! Right guys.......!? ...... right? I will post pictures of the new place and LA soon.... I promise....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to SG

So, it is July and here I am back in St George and back at Tuacahn. I have been here since May and I can't believe it is already July and almost my birthday! Wohooo! My time is spent mostly at Tuacahn whether I was at rehearsal freaking out, at the show freaking out, or in the show freaking out! The other time is spent dealing with awesome/lame people in the good ol' box office. The show, Les Mis, is great and I am proud to be apart of it, even though my job is the scariest. I have gone on for five different people so far. Thanks to Dad and Jan and Grandma and Grandpa for making the trek and coming to see me in the dead heat of the summer. Thanks to Andrea and Ben for coming too! I do love it. Matt is doing good. He plays about ten different parts and went on for Marius twice. He is the best. So, this will be my life until October and then who know? Anyone got any great ideas? I am open to opinions. I will try not to melt in the 110 degree weather wearing five layers, a wig and two hats... I love you all!! 

Monday, April 21, 2008

on the road again....

Well, of course, just as I start to get on my feet and like it here in the city, Matt and I are packing up and blowing this popsicle stand. Matt got cast at Tuacahn and their rehearsals start, like tomorrow, so we both had to quit our jobs and sell our spaces and furniture. It is kinda bitter sweet because I really was starting to like it here....and in the spring time the city is so much cooler!! But, I think it will be good to be home for awhile and I really miss you all and pepe. I am not sure what the next step will be, but I guess that is what I get for being a free spirit...sigh. I love you all and miss you and will see you soon...Happy Birthday to Jan, Mom, and Trav!! and Grandma and Matt...Geez...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Here comes the sun.....?

Hey, Y'al!! (trav, your post worked!! Wohooo! So you know how to do it you can tell mom and dad!!) I hope everyone is well this March. I am doing ok because my old friend and old roommate Jenni came out to visit this week, so I got so have some good old fashioned fun. The weather was awful! It rained and rained and rained and it was cold and windy and all sorts of grossness....so that wasn't fun, but we didn't let that hold us back. She got here early Friday morning and slept while I went to work. We met up later and went to the temple and walked (or swam) down the upper west side and ended up and the theatre where I work and got to see a play there for free called "Drunk enough to say I love you" then on Sabado we did it all. We got tickets to legally blonde and went to grand central station and Macy's and then to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then to the play. It was very fun and because our friend is in it we got to have a personal backstage tour. Sunday we forgot about crap daylight savings and woke up late and took the Staten Island Ferry and then meet our friend Slate (who is now at Yale) and saw a play he is in. Today we got breakfast and went to the Central Park Zoo and i got to see sea lions and peguinos and polar bears so it was almost like Sea world. Almost. Tomorrow it is back to life. Jenni leaves in the morning and it is back to work for me. It has been a fun week but it has been cold and I have got to tell you guys. It is driving me nuts. If it doesn't warm up....
As for auditions, I had one last week and this week I am sending out my last batch of head shots and resumes to agents. I am pretty discouraged with the whole theatre scene here but I am trying....so please, keep me in your thoughts and prayers. You are all in mine! I love you and miss you all!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Meaning for Cold!

Hey everyone!  Another post from me!! I am still alive even though it has been barely above freezing!! It has been so cold it is ridiculous. It is a cold that makes me want to bash my head into a wall. Nice, right? Anyway, Matt's parents came out last week and spoiled us!! It was great! I got to see Jersey Boys, Little Mermaid, and Mary Poppins!! They were all great, but Jersey Boys was my favorite! I also got to eat at Bobby Flay's restaurant! (he is my favorite chef on the food network) we also went to the Museum of Natural History, we took a city bus tour, and a boat tour that goes around the entire island, and we got to ride in a lot of cabs. One day we rented a car and went out to wal-mart in white plains to get cheap groceries. This week it has been back to life. I worked monday, a double tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and a double saturday. That is good because I need the money, but I hate my job and I haven't had any time to audition, so hopefully next week will be better! I miss you all, I got very homesick when everyone was in Ogden at the same time. I miss you guys so much. I am trying to like the city more. I think the rats on the subway are cute...so that is good right? I hope you all have a great valentines day!! I love you!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If we weren't crazy we'd all go insane....

I decided it would fun and a bit therapeutic for me to fill in those close to me about what is going on in my life and hear about what is going on in your lives. Yeah, family!! I guess I just really miss you guys and need to have more of you in my little life. So, post things. Trav and Ang, put some of Mercedes crazy antics on here, (and trav, this can give you something to read and write while you are on the road....I mean...in the air...whatever.....say hi to Pepe for me.) Dad and Jan, tell me about the weather in San Diego and what concerts you have gone too or about your guitar lesson/ glass shop extravaganza! Mom and Greg, I want to always hear about crash cart Tuesday and sleep in Saturday's and about the awesome people at your work, I need to hear who got arrested and what the vent said. Post pictures, respond to what I write and all that Jazz! I think this could be fun, right? So, a bit about where I am. I hate the city. My gay friend Clay said that he hated his first month here so I have another week of loathing and then I should be set. I told mom and dad about this but Trav and Ang, you will love it. I was on the subway the other day and this very old, very old, blind, black man got on and started singing, "if you think I'm sexy and you want my body, come on baby, let me know...." it was so ironic that that man was singing that song. I started laughing so hard. Things like that happen a lot here. It has been so cold. I miss that sun, so if anyone see's it, tell it I said hi! I love you all!!